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My professional background is 20 years in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry as a quality control/quality assurance personnel.  I earned my bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology in 1993. I gained professional experience with prestigious companies such as Abbott Laboratories - Chemical and Agricultural Products Division, Regis Technologies - Analytical Laboratory, Abraxis BioScience - Quality Control and Quality Assurance, and Fresenius Kabi USA - Quality Control.  

Over the years, I have developed a passion for technical writing.  I authored, peer reviewed, approved and implemented company documents such as: standard operating procedures, qualification protocols for analytical instruments, test methods, investigation reports, spreadsheets, and user friendly worksheets in addition to other duties in the quality departments that I served. 

I look forward to my new exciting career as a freelance technical writer.  I could help out the manufacturing industry in need of quality control or quality assurance technical writer in order to accomplish their action plans and compliance goals.Say something interesting about your business here.